PPL Practice Flights

Practice Flights

This is a self-graded test, we do not have instructors you can book or grade your flight. If you need help you can ask in our Discord.

Please consult the Checkride Requirements document to see what is required for each task listed below!

Figure 1. Astoria (KAST) Taxi Diagram

Practice Session 1

  1. Weather Briefing
  2. Pre-flight
  3. Taxi
  4. Take-off
  5. Departure
  6. Straight and level flight
  7. Slow flight
  8. Standard turns
  9. Climbs and descends
  10. Return to field
  11. Full-stop Landing
  12. Postflight Procedures

Practice Session 2

  1. Emergency Procedures
  2. Cross-country planning - KAST to KTTD
  3. Steep Turns
  4. Power-Off stalls
  5. Return to field
  6. Pattern work
  7. Touch & Go
  8. Go-Around
  9. Full-stop Landing
  10. Postflight Procedures


Tomas Hansson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Chief Flight Instructor, VATSTAR
DISCLAIMER: all information contained herein is for flight simulation purposes only.
May 2023

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