Welcome to VATSTAR

We provide free online lessons to virtual pilots. We have training from VFR to ATP and even Helicopter. We are not affiliated with the FAA nor any actual school, use these resources together with flight simulators to improve your skills. 

This is all completely free, you don’t need to create any accounts or enter any cards to see our lessons. Click on the Start Learning button below to get into our lessons. With that, please do consider donating, it is the only way we can keep this website up.

Private Pilot
Learn the basics of VFR flying
Oceanic Training
Learn to cross the pond
Instrument Rating

Learn flying by instruments (IFR)

International Flying
Flying outside of the US
Commercial Multi-Engine
Learn to fly the twins (CMEL)
System Training
Learn about GTN, GNS, and G1000 systems
Airline Transport
Learn to fly the airliners (ATP)
Helicopter Training
Understand the basics of flying helicopters
and much more
like Helicopter, Flying International, and even Oceanic.

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This website is paid by donations and needs your support. Every year I have to renew hosting and if the goal is not reached the website runs a real risk of getting turned off. We know that not everyone can financially help, but if you can't dont wait until last minute.
Hosting Expires
Thank you all who donated and now the website is funded until 2026. Any additional donations will go toward that goal.

Our Partners

We partner with companies who have goals that include providing realism and a fun, educational outlet. Below are just a few highlights of some affiliations we have obtained.
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