Circling Approach


Gain the skills associated with performing with performing a circling approach procedure.


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  • Circling only approaches are identified by the navigational system providing final approach guidance and a letter (e.g., VOR A).
  • The circling minimums published on the instrument approach chart provide a minimum of 300 feet of obstacle clearance in the circling area.
  • During a circling approach, the pilot should maintain visual contact with the runway of intended landing and fly no lower than the circling minimums until positioned to make a final descent for a landing.
    • It is important to remember that circling minimums are only minimums.
    • Circling minimums are often below the pattern altitude.
    • If the ceiling allows it, fly at an altitude that more nearly approximates VFR traffic pattern altitude.
    • If the MDA is above the traffic pattern altitude, it is permissable to descend to pattern altitude on the downwind leg as long as the runway is in sights
  • The recommended radius of the circle during the transition to the runway, the radius varies depending on the aircraft type:
  • The criteria for determining the circling pattern to be flown are based on personal flying capabilities and knowledge of the performance characteristics of the aircraft.
  • If visual reference is lost while circling-to-land from an instrument approach, the missed approach specified for that particular procedure must be followed (unless an alternate missed approach procedure is specified by ATC).

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