Missed Approach


Gain the skills associated with performing a missed approach procedure solely by reference to instruments.


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IFH - Chapter 10

  • A Missed Approach Procedure (MAP) is formulated for each published instrument approach and allows the pilot to return to the airway structure while remaining clear of obstacles.
    • The procedure is shown on the approach chart in text and graphic form.
    • The procedure should be studied and mastered as soon as possible after being assigned the approach by ATC
  • If the missed approach is initiated prior to reaching the MAP, unless otherwise cleared by ATC:
    • Continue to fly the IAP as specified on the approach chart. Fly to the MAP at or above the MDA or DA/DH before beginning a turn.
  • Pilots should immediately execute the MAP:
    • Whenever the requirements for operating below DA/ DH or MDA are not met when the aircraft is below MDA, or upon arrival at the MAP and at any time after that until touchdown;
    • Whenever an identifiable part of the airport is not visible to the pilot during a circling maneuver at or above MDA; or
    • When so directed by ATC.

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