You are getting ready to start on a new journey, and regardless of what brought you here, it will be unique. Regardless if you are a hobbyist, a training pilot, or a licensed pilot, there is something here for everyone to learn and build their skills.

Before we can start training, there a few things we need you to know and understand.

VATSTAR is a free virtual pilot training organization that uses tools like Flight Simulators and screen sharing programs to train. We don’t charge anything for our training services, you will be able to complete everything without having to pay a dime.

Our instructors volunteer their time to help you. We have instructors with different backgrounds and experiences that can range from Flight Simulators only to Airline Captains. They work on their own schedule and we offer a variety of ways to book them at no cost.

VATSTAR has partnered with to provide the highest quality of training. We use their servers to better simulate communications with Air Traffic Controllers. We are certified to train VATSIM members from P1 to P4. This also means you must have an account with in order to continue the registration with us.

   Orientation Event & Discovery Flight

Orientation Event: Twice every month we will meet up with our new members to host the Orientation Event. This is an opportunity for you to meet some of our staff, learn about our organization, learn how to navigate the website, and much more. This one hour long event also gives you the chance to ask questions, get comfortable finding your way, and break the ice before your first flight. To join us visit to see when the next one is

Discovery Flight: This event is a stress-free option to get an insight of how our program works, get to know some of our staff, and see first hand what flying in VATSIM looks like without even having to fly. The event is held in our Discord channel by our PR team. If you would like to get more information and the dates email Robert or check out our Events calendar

Open the next tab to get started with VATSIM and continue.

VATSTAR works with VATSIM as an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) to provide the highest quality training. We stand by and help enforce VATSIM policies. This is why it is so important to keep up with our policies and VATSIM’s. The first and most important thing to have is a VATSIM ID.

Do you have a VATSIM ID? 

  • If Yes: Continue reading.
  • if No: Click on the "Click here to sign up with VATSIM" button. When you are done with their application, an ID number (VATSIM ID) will be provided to you. Return back here when you have it.


Click here to sign up with VATSIM.


Before you can sign up, you need to read and understand these VATSIM policies:

If you registered with VATSIM after August 18th, 2020 you needed to complete the New Member Orientation Course (P0) training. If you registered before the 18th then you can skip this section.

Have you completed the New Member Orientation Course (P0) training? 

  • If Yes: Skip this step
  • if No: Click on the "Start the New Member Orientation Course" button. You must pass that exam before continuing.

 *Note: If you continue your registration without finishing the New Member Orientation Course your VATSTAR application will be declined.

Start the New Member Orientation Course

 VATSTAR Policies

Before we can move on, we ask that you read our Handbook in its entirety. You will have a better understanding of how we operate, how you can get started, and how to contact us with further questions. 


Read our Handbook


No Show
Being on time for your bookings is not just appreciated, but it is also mandatory. Everyone in this program is volunteering their time and when someone doesn’t show up or shows up late to a booking it affects people’s schedule and personal time. For such reasons, no-shows are non-negotiable. We offer multiple ways to cancel a booking. All members and staff will follow the no-show rules.

  • 1st No Show: A warning will be applied.
  • 2nd No Show: Account is temporarily suspended until member meets with CFI or CEO.
  • 3rd No Show: Account is terminated.

All disciplinary actions expire after 180 days.


After you submit your application you may join us in Discord. Discord is like a group chat in which all of our staff and hundreds of other members participate. It's a great tool to get all of your questions answered a lot quicker. You can download the app from your App Store, download their software, or just use their website version. To get set up you can watch this video in Youtube. **You need submit your application before getting confirmed in Discord.

 Next Steps

The next step is for you to take a short Zulu time lesson. Why do we do this? Our instructors and members are worldwide, so our website is set to Zulu time for all bookings. This helps minimize our no-shows.  

Once you are done with the Zulu time lesson, you will be taken to the Registration form. When you submit that form, you will need to verify your email. Do not forget to do so or your account will not get approved. 

Applications can take up to 72 hours to get approved. 



We are here to teach you the basics of flying in Flight Simulators and in the VATSIM network. Nothing you do here can be used in real life; We are not accredited by the FAA. Users understand that while we do teach a lot of real-life procedures, you must be taught by an actual flight school. Use us as a tool to practice what you have already learned.






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If you have any questions at any point during the application email us at

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