After Landing, Parking and Securing


Understand proper procedures for taxiing to parking, airplane shutdown, and securing.


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AFH - Chapter 2

  • After-landing Roll
    • Slow to taxi speed before turning off
    • In general, do not perform after-landing checklist untilafter the aircraft is clear of the runway and brought to a complete stop
  • The after-landing checklist differs by aircraft. Some examples of items are listed below (consult your aircraft's checklist):
    • Throttle
    • Prop
    • Mixture
    • Fuel
    • Flaps
    • Cowl flaps
    • Trim
    • Lights
    • Avionics
  • Park facing into the wind when possible. Allow aircraft to roll forward slightly to straighten the nosewheel.
  • The engine shutdown checklist differs by aircraft. Some examples of items are listed below (consult your aircraft's checklist):
    • Parking brake
    • Throttle
    • Mag switch test (OFF, then ON quickly)
    • Prop
    • Avionics
    • Alternator
    • Mixture
    • Mags off
    • Master
    • Secure
  • Post-Flight: Flight is not complete until engine is shut down and the airplane is secured.
    • Post-Flight Inspection: Walk around to check condition of aircraft.
    • Check oil levels.
    • If airplane will be inactive, fill the fuel tanks to prevent condensation.
    • If another flight is planned, fill tanks as required.
    • Hangar or tie-down airplane.
    • Install flight control locks, pitot tube covers, and other security locks.

Sim Pilot Notes

These notes highlight the differences between simulator and real-world flying. These differences are most often due to simulator limitations or specific VATSIM rules.

  • Runway Incursions: Keep in mind, that it is still possible to get lost or have a runway incursion when taxiing back to parking. Be sure to give attention to ATC taxi instructions after landing, and request clarification if necessary.
  • Where Do You Park?: Airlines typically park at gates or terminals. Smaller general aviation aircraft will park at ramps. Have a plan for where you will park by consulting the airport diagram during your preflight, so that you can respond to ATC appropriately. It doesn't need to be complicated, something as simple as "Tower/Ground, Skyhawk 774LQ taxi to parking west ramp." will do fine. Remember: The flight isn't finished until the aircraft is parked and shutdown.

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