VATSTAR's Discovery Flight

VATSTAR's Discovery Flight



January  5th 2020 - 2200 - 0100z


Are you new to VATSIM? Well look no further! Every Tuesday, we do a discovery group flight where we help new VATSIM pilots with their pattern work. We will cover radio communications, chart reading, and flight planning. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do or say, we will help you through it. 


Event Agenda: 

1. Introductions and VATSTAR Training Program Overview 

2. Flight 1: Traffic Patterns - Uncontrolled Airport - KAST 

3. Flight 2: Patterns - Controlled Airport - TBA  


Before each flight there will be a briefing. If you are unable to join us in game, you're still welcome to join us for the briefings.


Where to meet: Discord - Group Flights voice channel 

To join our Discord:

To get Discord set up you can watch this video: 


Aircrafts Allowed: 

* Fixed wing

* Non-Complex (No retractable gear or controllable pitch propellers) 

* Single engine and Piston driven 

* Max Gross weight less than 5670kg (12,500lbs)


Before logging into VATSIM, you should be able to fly your aircraft. This includes maintaining manually an altitude, heading, and airspeed and being able to take off and land. Additionally, you must have a good understanding of all avionics that you will be using during the flight. (transponder & radio)


VATSTAR staff and mentors may be available up to an hour prior to the start of the event to assist with technical issues pertaining to connecting to VATSIM.

Event Information

Event Date 01-05-2021 2200
Event End Date 01-06-2021 0100
Registration Start Date 01-04-2021
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 33
Cut off date 01-06-2021
Cancel Registration Before Date 01-06-2021
Created By Edward Frisch
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