No, at least, not yet. Officially, only the P1 through P5 exist; P6 through P9 have been designated but no official curriculum has been approved for those ratings yet. We developed our Oceanic program from scratch and submitted it to the VATSIM Pilot Training Division for approval, many months ago by this point. Their response was that they are considering making some changes to the Pilot Ratings and incorporating Oceanic training in differently than they originally planned to when those ratings designations were first created. We're still waiting to hear back about any potential restructuring we'll have to do when those changes are announced. In the meantime, the Oceanic Certificate is an "in-house" training program only; no official VATSIM rating exists that is attached to it for now.

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VATSTAR is always looking for motivated minds.  Unlike many others, we are dedicated into brining a fun yet reliable program, we call it the “Work-Play Zone”. The meaning of the Work-Play Zone is simple:

Work: We all have assigned duties that we must complete with no lag. Although this is a hobby and you are not obligated to be here, we ask that every staff member take on their duties and complete them in a reasonable time frame.

Play: While we work we have fun. We spend a lot of time here, often we need to schedule our personal life around this. We will enjoy our time here and make the best out of it while we meet new people every single day.Play: While we work we have fun. We spend a lot of time here, often we need to schedule our personal life around this. We will enjoy our time here and make the best out of it while we meet new people every single day.

Things to know after you apply for a position.

VATSTAR will go over your application and it may take a while before you hear back. The process of accepting a staff member goes as fallow:

HR will review your application, prior staffing history, make sure all the information is right, and that the application is a good-to-go as per VATSTAR policies, mission, and culture.  

Supervisor (CFI-COO) will then get your application and see if the applicant is a fit based on the questions answered. If it’s a yes then an Interview will be scheduled. If the SUP is interested in offering the position the applicant will then get an “Offer Letter” asking them to schedule training.

Training will be done in different ways depending on the position. The general idea is, go to a website and take a self-done training with an exam and/or meet with the CEO. If the CEO believes the applicant is knowledgeable enough then the next step is to schedule another training with the applicant’s Supervisor and finalize the hiring.

All new staff are expected to take over their position immediately after they are officially “hired”

VATSTAR may or may not have any openings at the time. You may check by going HERE. 

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Joining as Partner

We know owning a Virtual Organization could be a challenging thing as there is a lot of money involve and sometime almost no traffic. Our Partnership program is set to help promote both VATSTAR and your Organization. There are many reasons why take this step, we really go beyond normal to help you promote with features like post events in our Calendar and make announcements.

Joining is easy, just fill out the application HERE (must be logged in) and our PR team will reach out to you.

We have two types of “Memberships” or Sponsorships,

Partner: Is when we post your organization’s logo on our website and we get the same in return.

Official Sponsor: Is for those who would like to use our program a bit more. Example, a Virtual Airline would like us to do their Pilot Training, those who want us to use your aircraft for our training, those ARTCCs who want us to do training in their airspace, and anything you can think of. We will get together and talk exactly what we both look for.

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The VATSIM Pilot Training Division has approached the Board of Governors about restructuring the Pilot Ratings program a bit, and so for right now we are awaiting news of what adjustments we will need to make to our existing program before looking at new course development. It is possible that we might one day look to add a Rotorcraft program and a Flight Instructor program, but there is no projected timeline for these as of yet.

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A: The link is sent to you via e-mail once an Instructor has met with you to ensure you're sufficiently prepared. (This helps keep our pass rate well above 90%!) Under "Student Menu" and "VATSIM Training," then the lesson material for the rating in question, there's a document called "Written Exam Overview." Once you feel you are comfortable answering all the questions listed there, go under "Student Menu" and "Schedule Training" and set up an Exam Review session. Upon meeting with the Instructor in TeamSpeak, they will discuss the topics listed on that review page with you, and if they feel you are ready for the exam, they will assign it in the system which will generate an automatic e-mail to you containing the required link. Once you pass the exam you may return to the "Schedule Training" screen to set up your practice flight session. If you don't, you can try it again after a 24-hour waiting period. Subsequent attempts at the same exam will not be exactly the same, so, re-review the lessons for any that you missed to be sure you understand them!





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Joining VATSTAR is easy if you have done the right steps prior joining us. All quest must remember that we work together with VATSIM, so a VATSIM ID is required.

These are the steps you must take before joining VATSTAR.

  •  Go over all VATSIM Policies and make sure you are familiar with them HERE
  •  Get your VATSIM ID HERE
  •  Go over VATSTAR’s Policies HERE
  • Make sure you type all the right information in the application or it will be denied.

Steps to take after you join VATSTAR

  • You will be asked to verify your email.
  •  Once approved, log in to the website and over the new menu.
  •  Go over the Members FAQs (must be logged in) HERE

We do appreciate all those who make VATSTAR a running force. Any question be sure to email

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New VATSTAR members who register for our site without already having any Pilot Ratings will automatically be enrolled in the P1 Program. Upon completion of the P1, enrollment in the P2 is automatic. After passing the P2, you should use the "Enrollment Request" form found in the VATSIM Training option of the website to enlist in the P3 or P4; after completing the P4, you can use the "Enrollment Request" again to enlist in either the P5 or the Oceanic course.

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