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Question about "long term training"

2 weeks 22 hours ago #568 by Rob Shearman Jr
Rob Shearman Jr created the topic: Question about "long term training"
Hi all --

I got the following question emailed to me via an email address, but when I replied, it bounced back saying "mailbox is unavailable."

The question was, "I was looking for a VATSIM Training site and came across yours. I'm very interested in joining however I don't have long times that I can train for. Is there a way that I can train for a few days at a time then not do it for 1-2 months?"

My answer is:
You can book Instruction sessions (which we do in two-hour blocks) as often or as infrequently as you like. You might find that skills you learned before a break are in need of practice again after the break; but, your Instructor for each session will work with you to determine where you are and what you need most help with. There's no minimum requirement for a certain level of activity to Students to stay in our program.


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