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Europe Div


VATSTAR is working on the Europe Division and hiring of the leadership roles are now underway. The two roles are explained as with the description of this new division. 
Leadership Roles:
Operations Manager (OPM) is in-charge of the overall operations of this division. This person will make sure the program runs smoothly, that it gets advertised, finds partnerships, help with donations, help with hiring the staff, and anything else besides pilot training. The OPM is supervised by the CEO and works with the HRM and PRM. 
Training Administrator (TA) is responsible for anything pilot training related including the hiring of new instructors, writing and editing new training documents, training staff, handling training related issues.  This position is supervised by the CFI and OPM. 
Job Requirements: We are flexible with the requirements, if you don’t meet one but you exceed another submit your application and it will be reviewed. 
Leadership Training:
Both position will have to do training with VATSTAR for a significant amount of time. The OPM will work with the CEO, HRM, and PRM to learn each role and how to handle everything once in charge of the division. The TA will work with the CFI to learn what is expected and must do Instructor training. We hope our TA is fully certify but if not that gets all of the certification prior opening the division.

Division Details:

Training: We will provide the P1 training as a self-guided training. The division must open with the P1 and P2, the TA and OPM will be expected to put P2-P5 training together. Leadership can determine what training they want to do first (P3 or P4+P5) but we expect all certifications to be provided within a year of opening. Because this is a division we approve all training but VATSIM may be involve to verify everything, this means that getting the division certified is a lot quicker. All new training material must keep the current training guidelines, we recommend you take some of our training. 

Technical Side of things: We already have access to over 900 members, so will this new division. All members that register on any division will be approved to all division and will have a single log in. The approval of members will be handle by the HRM. The CEO will handle the maintenance of the website and putting it together but the OPM must deal with the everyday use like uploading new training and fixing small issues. Our PRM (Public Relations Manager) will handle must of your PR work but OPM will be expected to also have a big role on that, the success of the division depends on PR work. 

More information will be provided to those who interview.