It is with great pleasure that I announce our upcoming milestone of 700 certifications on the VATSIM network!

Our CFI Rob Shearman and his fantastic training staff have been doing a fantastic job of getting new and current pilots trained for their P1 to P5 rating. We truly do have the best instructors in the VATSIM network!

The Air Traffic Manager, Toby Rice, and the Deputy Air Traffic Manager, Cole Connelly, have agreed to allow us to join them for our next celebration milestone, our 700th certification as a VATSIM ATO, in conjunction with their "Hang Ten Hilo" event scheduled for 2/18/18.
As always, our CFI, Rob Shearman, has found an amazing route to follow to make this General Aviation event as successful as the past ones.  His statement on the event and route is as follows:
"For our 700th Certification Celebration we're teaming up with the Honolulu Control Facility for their "Hang Ten Hilo!" event.  We'll meet up via TeamSpeak and in our simulators on Sunday February 18th at 1800z (1pm EST, 10am PST).  If the weather is VMC with adequate ceilings, the starting point will be Lanai Airport, Hawaii (PHNY), which we'll depart VFR eastbound and loosely follow LNY V16 ITO to Hilo International (PHTO).  If conditions merit, we'll make it an IFR flight instead, and depart Molokai (PHMK) flying the HAPAI3 to the MKK transition then the V7 to LNY, then pick up the same route from there.  A full route briefing will be published a few hours before the event, with complete instructions on how to fly it via radio navigation for those interested in trying it.  Rob and others on TeamSpeak will be available to help coach anyone through the VOR navigation and any other aspect of the flight they're unsure of."

Event Details

When: 2/18/2018 1800a
Departing: PHNY
Arriving: PHTO
Type: VFR


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